Knovel University Challenge Breaks Participation Record Again

    Knovel, the leading provider of a Web-based application integrating technical information with analytical and search tools, announced today the winners of the Sixth Annual Knovel University Challenge. The 2011 winners were chosen from the Challenge’s largest-ever participant group, with more than12,000 total entries from students representing over 600 universities worldwide.

    The 2011 grand prize recipient was Rahul Thakkar from the University at Buffalo. The first prize recipient wasAndrew Steele of Case Western Reserve University. Schools with the highest student participation include AGH University of Science and Technology, British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), Nanyang Technological University, Oklahoma State University and the University of Arkansas.

    Each year The Knovel University Challenge presents a series of questions on engineering-related topics and students can use Knovel to research and find the answers. In 2011, students could choose questions from multiple difficulty levels and submit their responses through either the Knovel University Challenge website or Facebook. Eligible entries were based upon correctly answering a minimum of three questions.

    The Challenge has become increasingly popular among engineering students and faculty for introducing future engineers to top-notch resources as they learn how to research, problem solve, and prepare for a competitive workforce. With a 55 percent increase in the number of participants from the previous year, 2011 marked Knovel’s most successful University Challenge to date.

    University College London (UCL) Subject Librarian Lynne Meehan says, “The University Challenge may not be directly related to each students’ engineering discipline, but it is great for demonstrating and making use of all the powerful data and analysis tools available in Knovel.”

    The University Challenge is just the first step in engaging students in their fields of study. As they become aware of the extent of technical resources and information available to them through Knovel, Meehan believes the students will embrace Knovel as a great place to go for engineering data.

    For a complete list of the 2011 University Challenge Winners, visit