Kudos and Impact Science partner to offer communications services to key research stakeholders

Kudos, the award-winning networking and communications tracking service for accelerating research impact, has announced a partnership with Impact Science, a Cactus Communications brand that offers solutions for science dissemination and engagement with peers, public, and policymakers for wider research outreach.

With digital media becoming one of the primary means of research dissemination, researchers need support in understanding and using the tools at their disposal. The partnership between Kudos and Impact Science will help researchers—and other stakeholders such as research project managers and communications leads—with creating and disseminating research summaries in high-engagement formats such as videos, infographics, visual abstracts, and smart posters.

Melinda Kenneway, CEO of Kudos, explains, “The movement towards new ways of communicating research is accelerating, particularly as we now grapple with a fast-changing environment, where multiple stakeholder understanding and collaboration is needed. Impact Science and Kudos are closely aligned in their ambitions for expanding the formats and channels researchers use to improve the visibility of their work, and to grow their network.”

Kudos has previously partnered with Editage in offering clients plain language summaries to help broader audiences find, understand, apply and cite research; Editage customers have also been able to access Kudos’ tools for measuring the performance of their publications. Kudos subsequently launched Kudos Pro, to support researchers in planning and managing promotion of their work from much earlier in the project lifecycle, ahead of publication. The new partnership with Impact Science further expands the support that Kudos can offer researchers, adding a comprehensive menu of services that covers editorial support, multimedia production, media outreach, social media, digital marketing, and impact training and consultancy.

Nikesh Gosalia, Senior Vice President, Global Academic & Publisher Relations at Cactus, adds, “Now more than ever, researchers need to promote their research – and themselves – using all the tools of digital communication. By building on our relationship with Kudos, we aim to take research communication to the next level, and through this enable researchers to maximise their impact.

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