LAUNCH: Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative provides politicians and public with simple explanation of what to do next

    Global publishers unite to explain recommendations from climate change research

    For the first time, 15 of the world’s largest and most reputable academic publishers have come together to explain the most important research on climate change to the public.

    The Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative, led by research communication companies Kudos and Impact Science, is a platform that provides easy-to-understand research summaries to help everyone understand and act on climate change science.

    The hand-picked collection directly connects the general public around the world to information that is impartial and trustworthy. The initiative will help to strengthen the trust between science and the public to enable people to make more informed decisions, lobby governments for change and successfully take urgent action on climate.

    Globally, more than one trillion dollars is spent each year on academic research, producing an average of two million papers. Of the 50 million research articles currently available online, up to 50 per cent are never read. To help more people find and act on this research, the Climate Change Knowledge Cooperative brings together prestigious publishers from around the world, including Cambridge University Press, the American Meteorological Society and Elsevier. Each has selected a range of the most influential articles, books and other climate science content, which have been summarized into easy-to-understand language by expert writers.

    “Research publications are simply not designed for the purpose of reaching and influencing people outside the academic world,” explained Charlie Rapple, chief customer officer and co-founder of Kudos. “Climate change is one of the few research topics where it really does make sense to try and help more people understand what scientists are recommending. Publishers are working together to provide a single-entry point to climate research information across a range of subject areas.”

    The platform picks up on several of the themes of this month’s COP26 UN Climate Change Conference, including committing to net-zeroending deforestation by 2030, and phasing out coal powerTo explore the most influential and actionable climate research for yourself, visit the collection at