Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting launches online community

‘Lindau Nobel Community – the interactive home of the Lindau Meetings’ launches today at The site goes live ahead of the 61st annual Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting, taking place from 26 June – 1 July 2011 on the shores of Lake Constance. This year, blogs in Spanish and Chinese will add to the English and German content on the site.

As in previous years, an international team of bloggers will report from the meeting. The blog roll is hosted by SciLogs (, the leading European science blogging service. SciLogs is part ofSpektrum der Wissenschaft, the Nature Publishing Group (NPG) company that publishes the German edition of Scientific American. Yvonne Buchholz, publisher and editor of Spanish publicationMinMente y Cerebro (Mind and Brain), will be blogging in Spanish. Yvonne’s regular blog ‘Pistas mentales’ is hosted on scilogs. Felix Cheung, Editor of Nature China, will be blogging in Chinese. Felix and Yvonne join a community of bloggers who will be reporting from the meeting in English and German.

The Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings and NPG are once again collaborating to make the Lindau meeting as interactive as possible. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and interactive websites from NPG are mobilized to enable young researchers throughout the world to participate in the meeting. Videos of conversations between Nobel Laureates and young researchers and a special Nature Outlook will be freely available to all, thanks to support from sponsors including Mars, Incorporated. Mars, Incorporated is also supporting the translation of the videos into Chinese.

This year’s meeting is dedicated to Physiology and Medicine and brings together 25 Nobel Laureates and 570 young researchers from 80 countries. Panel discussions, lectures, seminars and social events facilitate interaction between Nobel Laureates and the scientific and academic elite of the future.

“The Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings are not only a window to the world, but for one week in summer mirror the global map of science. Therefore, we are delighted that the social media coverage will include Spanish and Chinese content for the first time, ” comments Professor Wolfgang Schuerer, Chairman of the Foundation Lindau Nobel prize winners Meetings at Lake Constance and Vice-President of the Council for Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings.

NPG and the Foundation Lindau Nobelprizewinners Meetings at Lake Constance will collaborate for the fourth year to produce films featuring one-on-one or small group discussions between individual Nobel Laureates and young scientists. Produced by Nature Video, the videos will be made freely available on, one of the world’s most popular scientific websites, and on YouTube.

“The Lindau Meetings offer a unique opportunity for open dialogue between the world’s brightest scientific minds,” said Harold Schmitz, Chief Science Officer of Mars, Incorporated. “Cross-sector collaboration has long been a key tenet of our approach to science and we see such interaction as essential in driving innovation for the benefit of the global community. Mars is therefore very pleased to once again support Lindau and NPG in their efforts to fulfil the Lindau mission of education, inspiration and connection – not only for those attending the meeting, but also for scientists around the world.