Lippincott’s New Mobile App Prepares Surgical Residents for Board Exams While On the Go

Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (LWW), part of Wolters Kluwer Health, today launched Lippincott’s Surgical Review Library App, the first mobile application of the two best-selling review guides used by surgical residents to prepare for board certification. Included in the review library are mobile Q&A versions of Greenfield’s Surgery and General Surgery Board Review, the most sought after print and online test-prep resources available to surgical residents. Available now for iPhone and iPad, the new app can be downloaded through the Apple app store.

Lippincott’s Surgical Review Library App is a collection of five test-prep modules that can be purchased together or separately. Designed to help surgical residents expand their knowledge base and enhance their test scores, the new library allows the review process to continue on the go. The collection includes Greenfield’s Q&A Review: Practice Tests 1, 2, and 3; and General Surgery Q&A Board Review, resources familiar to most surgical residents, but—until now—never available in a mobile app.

“Lippincott’s Surgical Review Library App gives residents an edge by providing the best-selling surgical review content for the first time in a mobile app,” said Brian Brown, Executive Editor, Surgery, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. “Now residents can take advantage of underutilized downtime to enhance knowledge and answer practice questions that are similar to what they’ll find on their actual board exams. This untapped practice time makes review more convenient—and frequent—which can help enhance test scores.”

The new review library is specifically designed as a comprehensive study aid to help surgeons prepare for certification, recertification or the ABSITE. It uses board-style multiple-choice review questions to test readiness for these examinations. Answers are accompanied by detailed explanations for correct and incorrect responses. The app also provides stat tracking to gauge performance. In addition, users can randomize the order of quiz questions, and can also sort by content area, previously answered questions, and quiz length. A timed practice-test mode simulates the real test environment. Bookmarking lets users save difficult questions for future study.

One of the modules within the app, Greenfield’s Q&A Review, offers a total of 882 questions and answers that span 17 subject areas from Transplantation & Immunology to Skin & Soft Tissue. The full Greenfield’s Q&A Review module is also available in three smaller offerings, each with 294 questions and answers and sold individually. Another module, General Surgery Q&A Board Review, offers 275 questions and answers to provide a current and methodical review of all areas covered in the exams—both general surgery and all surgical subspecialties.