London Info International 2017 conference opens its doors in just 3 weeks.

    Confirming two more keynotes:

    5th December – Afternoon keynote

    Digital Shock – The 4th industrial revolution

    Alfred Rolington, CEO, Cyber Security Intelligence Ltd
    We are at the outset of an electronic revolution that will substantially alter our society and change the way most people live. Alfred will talk about how this 4th Industrial Revolution, driven by emerging technologies – such as cognitive electronics, advanced analysis, nanotechnology, biotechnology, and quantum computing – will radically alter our individual, national and global connections, our jobs, personal lives and electronic systems.

    6th December – Closing keynote – Publishing to address grand societal challenges

    Nicola Jones, Head of Publishing for Grand Challenges, Springer Nature

    The world is facing complex and interconnected issues like sustainability, resource scarcity, global health, and inequality. These ‘grand challenges’ affect society both globally and locally. To solve these, researchers must collaborate across disciplinary boundaries, and connect with policymakers and practitioners. Nicola will discuss the ways publishers can contribute to the development of solutions to these challenges.

    What types of people and organisations will be at LII 2017?

    Library Directors, Heads of Library, Heads of Information, Information architects, Heads of Research, Senior Patent Analysts, Directors of Platform Management, Heads of Rights and Licensing, Chief Science Officers, Knowledge Managers, Information Scientists, Content Directors, Open Access Managers, Head of Insight, Intelligence Head, Heads of Publishing, Chief Technical Officer, CEO, Publishing Directors, Publishers, Senior Editors, Researchers, Lecturers………. from

    Publishers, Legal, Big Pharma, European Commission, Banks and Financial Institutions, Charities, Professional Services, Utilities, Healthcare, Government, Science, Subscriptions, Technology, Standards, Education and Labour organisations and a wealth of others.

    LII 2017 looks set to be dynamic, controversial and exhilarating…….to find out more detail on the full conference programme go to