Luc Prudhon named General Manager of EBSCO Information Services SAS

To address emerging challenges presented by the French information industry, Luc Prudhon has been appointed General Manager of EBSCO Information Services SAS.

With over 20 years of experience in the information industry, Luc Prudhon managed EBSCO France, between 2003 – 2009. During this time, following EBSCO’s acquisition of RoweCom, Luc substantially increased EBSCO’s market share in France and drove strong growth in sales. More recently Luc served as a general manager in the industrial sector. Prior to that, most of his career was spent in the information industry, with Dawson France, RoweCom and EBSCO, where he held several roles in top management and finance.

Robert Schoenvogel, Vice President and General Manager Europe of EBSCO Information Services commented: ”We are proud to welcome back such an experienced and skilled leader, who is well aware of the attributes and requirements of EBSCO France. I am confident in Luc’s ability to meet the challenges of our industry and I’m sure that his appointment will be a major benefit for EBSCO France, our library customers and our publisher partners.”

In his new capacity, Luc will take advantage of his wealth of experience in management and finance to reposition EBSCO France on a path to growth and stability, by developing a rigorous strategy based on service and quality.