Maney launches four new journals in its materials science and engineering publishing programme

Maney Publishing today announces the launch of four new materials science and engineering journals. The journals will cover the rapidly developing subject areas of nanocomposites, the use of polymers and composites in advanced manufacturing, structure-function relationships in catalytic science, and the use of advanced materials for optical, sensing and acoustic devices.

The journals have involved substantial market research and represent a significant development of Maney’s materials science and engineering publishing programme. Professor Andreas Mortensen of EPFL Switzerland, commented, “This group of new journals to be launched by Maney will complement nicely their already excellent portfolio in materials science and engineering with four important scientific and technological areas for development in the years to come.

Nanocomposites covers research into the composition, structure, properties, function and characterisation of nanocomposites. The journal and editorial board is led by Editor-in-Chief Ton Peijs. Professor Peijs is currently Professor of Materials and Director of Research at Queen Mary, University of London in the UK. “I am really excited about a new specialised journal on nanocomposites and nanohybrids. Over the last two decades, nanocomposite research has grown into a major field and that field deserves a dedicated outlet. I expect this to become a high impact journal that reports on the best nanocomposite research from around the globe“. #nanocomp


Alma Hodzic, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield, UK, is Editor-in-Chief of Advanced Manufacturing: Polymer & Composites Science. Professor Hodzic comments, “The journal will unite academic and industrial researchers from multidisciplinary science fields under its pioneering ambition to publish the most recent advances in the innovative manufacturing of reinforced polymer composites“. The scope of the journal will focus on advanced and automated manufacturing challenges in structural polymer-based composites and multifunctional materials for the aerospace, automotive, energy, electronics, defence and healthcare sectors. #AMPCS


Catalysis, Structure & Reactivity reports the latest advances in structure-function relationships in catalytic science, and the application of new analytical techniques and novel operando methods to understand catalyst materials and their performance under relevant conditions. Editor-in-Chief Professor Mike Bowker is one of the leading figures in the field of surface reactivity and catalysis and is currently Deputy Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, UK. “This new journal devoted to catalysis and surface reactivity is intended for a multidisciplinary audience working at the frontiers of modern research in this crucial field of technology.” #catmatsci

Catalysis, Structure & Reactivity

Isabelle Ledoux-Rak, Head of the Molecular and Quantum Photonics Laboratory at ENS Cachan, France, is a well-respected and authoritative voice on optical materials. Professor Ledoux-Rak, with an expert editorial board, will develop Advanced Device Materials, which focuses on research into a wide choice of materials (dielectrics, semi-conductors, polymers, metals, nanostructures) for electronic and photonic devices, with a particular emphasis on materials developments and their integration into functioning structures or devices, including novel manufacturing approaches. Professor Ledoux-Rak noted, “The journal will be dedicated to innovative materials and structures for smart materials, an area which could pave the way for future imaging and electronics“. #devicematerials

Advanced Device Materials

Of the new launches, Professor Philip Withers (University of Manchester) comments, “I am very excited by the new suite of journals being launched, in each case not only are they likely to attract papers of high scientific merit but they represent areas of increasing impact.

Dr Katerina Busuttil, Commissioning Editor for Maney, commented “We believe in talking and listening to researchers. The ideas behind these four journals come from communication with the scientific community and we will continue to build this relationship as we develop the journals.

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