Manuscript Manager joins STM Integrity Hub

STM Solutions today announced the integration of Manuscript Manager, a peer review system for academic journals, into the STM Integrity Hub. This integration enables publishers to establish automated feeds of their submitted content to the Hub. Here, the content is screened for various integrity issues, such as submissions to multiple journals simultaneously, references to retracted works, and manuscripts generated by paper mills. This latest integration, closely following the integration of Editorial Manager and ScholarOne into the Integrity Hub, represents an important milestone. It allows for more journals to safely and confidentially share data, thereby improving the capabilities to look for patterns that are indicative of research integrity concerns across journals and publishers, which is crucial to safeguarding the integrity of the scholarly record.

Joris van Rossum, Product Director of the Integrity Hub, comments: “Since the STM Integrity Hub was launched two years ago, we have seen 35 organizations join — publishers as well as other infrastructure and service providers such as editorial systems. Manuscript Manager allows us many other publishers to join the STM Integrity Hub, forming an even wider ecosystem of organizations sharing data to collectively combat research fraud.”

Andy Beare, CEO of Manuscript Manager, is delighted to be a collaborator in the STM Integrity Hub projects. “These initiatives are important in ensuring high standards and confidence in scholarly publications for the academic community. Our customers will also benefit from having access to real-time reports and alerts as part of an automated and efficient process.”

The STM Integrity Hub, founded by STM members and developed by STM Solutions, helps publishers to safeguard research integrity. It allows publishers of all sizes to share data and experiences and offers a variety of tools to identify and respond to materials that violate established standards of quality, ethics, and integrity. In April 2023, the Integrity Hub released the MVP of a paper mill detection tool designed to flag indicators suggesting a manuscript originated from a paper mill, followed by the October launch of a pilot program for detecting duplicate submissions. These tools will be further developed in 2024 and made available to publishers as widely as possible.