Mark Allen Group selects DataSalon for easy access business intelligence

Mark Allen Group (MAG) announced today the adoption of DataSalon’s MasterVision platform in order to better understand and support the needs of their customers and authors and further develop their business. MasterVision joins up all of MAG’s different data sources and is easily scalable so that more can be added over time to further enhance their customer picture.

MasterVision empowers sales and marketing staff to take control of their own data analysis with agile and flexible tools like WhatsApp API, and direct access to key business intelligence. This minimizes requests for information to various other departments; enables staff to work more dynamically with the data; and helps them to reach target customers quickly and accurately.

The MAG team will use MasterVision to generate leads both locally and globally, looking at usage and subscriptions alongside other customer interactions. The system will help them to understand in detail the trends in areas such as print vs electronic subscriptions and single title subscriptions vs collections.

MasterVision provides staff with an intuitive search interface as well as extensive analytics functionality. This means non-technical staff can identify very specific customer segments quickly and easily, across multiple data sets, as well as gain deeper insight through interactive visuals. The read-only nature of MasterVision means that staff can query the data freely without risk of changing the data itself.

Mark Allen Group was keen to partner with DataSalon because of their understanding of the scholarly publishing industry and experience in providing trusted business insight tools. Having a system that has been ‘tried and tested’ over 10 years, with a fast and collaborative implementation phase, has meant that MAG staff could continue with day-to-day business, leaving all the complexities of data integration to the DataSalon team.

Matthew Cianfarani, Director – International Business Development at MAG, said: “It’s great to have all this information at our fingertips, with the ability to slice and dice it in ways we wouldn’t have even thought of previously. Before, we would have had to ask for, and wait for, this information from multiple departments and by the time it did come back the initial need or thought process would have been forgotten. We are delighted to have chosen MasterVision; the team have been so helpful throughout the launch process.”

Nick Andrews, Managing Director of DataSalon commented: “We’re very excited to be working with Mark Allen Group – helping them join together their customer data into a comprehensive single view where they can use MasterVision’s flexible reporting and analytics tools to generate leads and gain real insight.”

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