McGraw-Hill Education Enables Teachers to Customize Content with Launch of ‘Create’ Digital Publishing Tool for K-12 Education

To meet the needs of teachers seeking learning solutions that are tailored to the way they teach, McGraw-Hill Education today announced that it has introduced its popular custom-publishing tool Create™to the K-12 market. Originally developed for higher education, Create’s platform will now provide K-12 teachers with access to trusted educational resources that can be remixed and customized online to best suit their teaching needs and their district’s needs. This capability has become extremely valuable to educators and administrators as they strive to meet rigorous Common Core and state standards for education.

“There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to teaching and learning,” said Peter Cohen, president of McGraw-Hill School Education Group. “Create’s flexible model enables educators to choose the resources that matters most to them and their students, whether it’s resources produced by McGraw-Hill Education, open source resources or resources they’ve developed themselves. We’re excited to meet the demand for tools that make the teaching process more personalized and effective.”

Create’s easy-to-use platform gives teachers total control over the selection and sequencing of course materials and enables them to  develop their own print or e-books in a matter of minutes. Highlights include:

A rich library of resources: Create is pre-loaded with thousands of McGraw-Hill Education texts, including core and supplemental series as well as high  quality, pedagogically sound and research-based cross-disciplinary resources from credible third party sources.
Custom DIY features:  Create’s intuitive search function enables teachers to easily access and sort resources by discipline or copyright year, and re-arrange resources by subject or chapter. Teachers can also integrate their own resources (i.e. practice sets, labs and discussion questions) to suit their teaching needs, and further customize the look and feel of the e-book by selecting from a library of cover options.
Collaborative capabilities: Create allows teachers to easily save and archive projects to work on at their convenience, as well as share files and seek input from other teachers, making it a truly collaborative experience.

Once a Create text has been fully customized, the instructor receives a digital review copy in under an hour. For educators requiring more complex curricula development backed by a product development team for creating classroom texts, digital solutions, and integrated program alternatives, McGraw-Hill Education offers a personal concierge.