American Institute of Physics forms AIP Publishing LLC to sharpen focus on scholarly publishing

    The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announces the formation of AIP Publishing LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary. The purpose of AIP Publishing LLC is to support the scientific and educational mission of the AIP through scholarly publishing activities in the physical and related sciences.

    The LLC’s board will include experienced publishing experts to enable the publishing group to adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace in which it operates and to plan for the future in a rapidly changing environment. AIP Publishing LLC will focus on expanding its publishing of the best research in the physical sciences to deliver greater value to scientists, students, libraries and other subscribers with an interest in the physical and related sciences.

    John S. Haynes, previously AIP vice president for publishing, will lead the new subsidiary as its chief executive officer. “With a comprehensive range of top-cited journals,” remarked Haynes, “the creation of AIP Publishing LLC places the organization in an excellent, strategic position to deliver even more benefit to global researchers whilst continuing to provide great value to library customers worldwide. We will also continue to strive to serve physical sciences organizations, including AIP’s Member Society publishing partners, and help them to advance their missions.”

    “When AIP’s Member Societies created AIP more than 80 years ago, the institute devoted its attention to the development of physics as a field of human activity and to the economy of publishing physics journals,” said Louis Lanzerotti, chair of the AIP Governing Board and chair of the LLC. “Since then, AIP has grown in many important ways. It feeds the newswires with accurate and interesting science news, introduces students to the larger science community, tracks our community’s demographics, education and career trends, and curates history of the physical sciences.” He continued, “The Governing Board found that AIP’s publishing operations now required its own path for growth and development.”

    The headquarters of AIP Publishing LLC remains in Melville, New York, and all previous contact information (including mailing address, telephone, email and web links) remains unchanged.