New SAGE Journals Platform makes research easier to discover, navigate, and share from any device

SAGE Publishing is proud to launch a new platform for SAGE Journals. In close consultation with researchers, editors, authors, society partners, and librarians – the new site has been designed to deliver a world-class online research experience. From enhanced author tools to more intuitive navigation to improved search functionality to ease of use across devices, SAGE Journals was optimized to support all accessing and contributing to SAGE’s esteemed scholarly research.

“SAGE is committed to responding to changing user needs in today’s fast-paced digital landscape and the flexible technologies we have invested in will enable us to respond rapidly,” commented John Shaw, Vice President of Publishing Technologies. “Our goal with the new SAGE Journals platform is to simplify the researcher experience for those accessing our content on their devices and on the go. We are proud to present a sophisticated product that offers a seamless research experience and will allow us to adapt quickly as user needs change and we expand our portfolio in the future.”

Home to more than 1,000 journals, the new platform:

  • Provides researchers and students on the move with a responsive design that automatically resizes to their device of choice
  • Offers readers a clean, uncluttered space for reading and enhanced tools for downloading, sharing, and citing articles and discovering related content
  • Gives authors deeper insight into the impact of their research through metrics and collaboration tools such as Kudos and Altmetrics
  • Supports journal editors and society partners with flexible and dynamic homepages to promote their brand and showcase new content
  • Supports key industry standards and optimizes article discovery for library customers through ongoing initiatives in discovery and accessibility

“SAGE is devoted to publishing a growing portfolio of journals with the highest-quality, robustly reviewed research across multiple disciplines, while also ensuring that that content can be discovered, navigated, and shared effortlessly,” commented Bob Howard, Senior Vice President of Journals. “The new SAGE Journals platform will enhance the researcher experience considerably for our valued library customers and their patrons and researchers, and our publishing partners and their members.”

SAGE Journals is hosted on Literatum, an online publishing platform developed by Atypon. View the new platform at Visit the SAGE Journals Migration Information Portal for more information, including a detailed list of frequently asked questions and a migration checklist for customers.