OpenAthens and Yewno announce strategic partnership to facilitate knowledge discovery

Global identity and access management specialist OpenAthens and Yewno, a Silicon Valley-based AI provider with a mission to transform information into knowledge, today announce their strategic partnership to provide mutual users with unparalleled access to knowledge discovery.

Committed to empowering library users spanning a wide range of industries, OpenAthens ensures institutions can provide quick, easy and secure access to online resources. Through the partnership, universities and other institutions using OpenAthens’ single sign-on solutions will now be able to offer Yewno Discover online without the need for separate login credentials, improving end-users’ experience.

Yewno Discover is a powerful research tool that helps students, researchers and educators surface only the most relevant scholarly content and make connections across interdisciplinary fields. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Yewno Discover reads and stores full text content and displays it in a visually intuitive knowledge graph that allows users to dictate what is of interest to them and to quickly navigate between related concepts, making connections as they go.   

Innovative tools like Yewno Discover are a perfect example of how federated single sign-on is enabling STM products to be accessed by sectors beyond academic and research institutions. Such products are increasingly being used by organizations in all sectors, with OpenAthens operating the only identity federation which can serve them all.

Commenting on the partnership, OpenAthens commercial director Jon Bentley says: “We’re thrilled to be working with Yewno to improve the user journey to valuable online content and to support learning and discovery. Yewno Discover is an impressive tool and end-users in all sectors will be able to benefit from its research capabilities simply by logging in with their organizational credentials.”

“OpenAthens and Yewno have similar missions; we both want users to quickly and easily find the information that they are looking for and spend that added time in knowledge discovery,” says Ruth Pickering, chief operating officer at Yewno.