ORCID appoints Andy Mabbett as Wikipedian-in Residence

ORCID is pleased to appoint Andy Mabbett as our Wikipedian-in Residence. In this pro-bono role, Andy will extend his work as an ORCID Ambassador and act as liaison with the Wikimedia community to integrate ORCID into Wikipedia, Wikidata and sister projects.

Andy will be advising ORCID on the integration of Wikipedia links into ORCID records and the Registry metadata schema, and will be helping us to draft FAQs for users and documentation for integrators about the use of ORCID in Wikipedia and sister projects. He will also help us advise ORCID holders on how to display their ORCID in their Wikipedia user pages and articles about them, in concordance with Wikipedia’s conflict-of-interest and other usage guidelines.

To get a flavor of where we are heading, see Andy’s poster about the relationships between ORCID and Wikipedia, presented at our May Outreach Meeting in Chicago (where Andy also led an ORCID Codefest project to create a WordPress plugin allowing bloggers and commenters to include their ORCID identifiers in their profiles and comments). Andy has been a Wikipedia editor since 2003 (his user name is “Pigsonthewing”) and he has previously worked as a Wikipedian-in-Residence with museums, galleries, and a wildlife conservation charity.

For more on the Wikipedian-in-Residence program, see this Wikimedia Outreach page.