Pearson Announces Membership in Cambridge Service Alliance at the University of Cambridge

Pearson today announced that the company is joining the Cambridge Service Alliance at the University of Cambridge, a global cooperation between businesses and universities. Through the Service’s center of excellence, Pearson will partner with the University of Cambridge and leading services businesses to develop new models that will help learning institutions empower their educators to improve student success.

Cambridge Service Alliance is a global alliance between business and academia. The Alliance is designed to develop new understanding of ‘servitization’, a movement which has seen businesses from a wide range of sectors develop innovative services to meet the changing needs of customers based on respective marketplace demands. Specifically, the Alliance examines complex service solutions which integrate technology, processes, organizations, and information in an environment where competition and pressure on public finances ensure the need for ever-increasing effectiveness.

Pearson partners with leading institutions in areas such as college readiness, workforce education, and online learning to schools and universities in North America. Working closely with Rutgers, Arizona State University, and California State Online, Pearson provides online learning technology, services, and support to keep students engaged from enrollment through graduation. “The relationship with the Cambridge Service Alliance is important to Pearson, as we expand the scope of high quality, integrated services we are able to deliver to learning institutions in North America,” said Annabel Cellini, Senior Vice President of Pearson Learning Solutions. “Partnering with academic and business industry visionaries in the Alliance, who have extensive experience and insight into the creation and delivery of complex services, will help us gain a deeper understanding of how best to co-evolve solutions that provide better student outcomes and institutional effectiveness with our university partners.”

“I am delighted that Pearson is joining the Alliance,” said Andy Neely, Director of the Cambridge Service Alliance. “The past few years have seen significant changes in the publishing and education industries, and Pearson has had a fascinating journey in its successful transition into a learning solutions provider. To work with the firm on this transition is a fantastic opportunity, and I know that all partners in the Cambridge Service Alliance will learn from Pearson’s transition, just as Pearson will learn from others.”