PubGrade releases advanced forecasting module in PubGrade for Publishers platform

PubGrade GmbH is pleased to announce a significant upgrade to its Platform-as-a-Service solution: PubGrade for Publishers. Starting October, a sophisticated contextual ad inventory forecasting module has been made available in the platform’s workflow, helping advertising reps offer longer-term campaign options to clients.

Alexander Golubowitsch, PubGrade’s co-founding CTO, commented: “The PubGrade platform allows for targeted campaigns down to arbitrarily small yet highly relevant subsets of research articles, cross-Journal. What makes our latest forecasting feature stand-out compared to general ad serving solutions, is that it instantaneously predicts future traffic for fully dynamic segments of the article portfolio. In publisher pools of hundreds of thousands or millions of articles, mass-market ad servers stop offering article-level metrics, targeting or inventory predictions.”

Philipp Eckerle, CEO and Co-Founder, further added: “We wanted to find a solution to one of the biggest problem online ad sales teams face; how to secure granularly targeted contextual ad campaigns beyond the traditional monthly booking cycle. This is now more readily available for digital advertisers because with our platform, we can make ad hoc predictions about touchpoint availability for even highly specific areas across a Publisher’s entire range of content. In further support, the platform provides means to export trust-building targeting and forecast documentation for final submission to the client. All forecasts are persisted and can easily be re-executed later and updated/compared, which helps in longer conversion cycles.”