PubHive Automates Local Literature Across Online & Paper Journals

PubHive Ltd., a leading provider of AI-powered scientific literature & safety information workflowstoday announced a revolutionary new feature: Local Literature Automation for Online & Paper Journals. This innovative tool streamlines and simplifies the process of tracking, analysing, and reporting on local literature with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy for life science companies, CROs (Clinical Research Organizations) and their pharmacovigilance and drug safety divisions. This groundbreaking solution is set to transform the way organizations / CROs handle regional/local literature publications, enhancing efficiency, simplifying compliance in the process and empowering pharmacovigilance teams.

Say goodbye to siloed information and manual processes. PubHive’s unified platform consolidates local literature for online and paper journals into a single source of truth, ensuring consistency and accessibility across teams and locations. AI-powered features automate tedious tasks like manually performing local literature activities, freeing up PV experts to focus on high-value activities like signal detection and risk assessment.

Key Features of Local Literature Automation for Online & Paper Journals

  • Automatic Tracking: PubHive’s Local Literature Auto Tracker effortlessly monitors and tracks publications across territories and products, eliminating the need for manual searching and data entry. This ensures comprehensive coverage for both online and paper journals while minimizing the risk of oversight.
  • OCR & Machine-Readable Translation: Paper journals are automatically scanned, converted to digital text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and translated into machine-readable formats, making them instantly searchable, all in real-time.
  • Multilingual Keyword Highlighting: Search and highlight keywords across multiple regional languages, ensuring no relevant research falls through the cracks.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Assign specific territories to different teams, streamlining workflows and fostering regional expertise.
  • Compliance-Ready Reporting: Generate comprehensive reports on local literature activity for various compliance needs, including regulatory compliance and oversight.
  • Customizable Workflows: Create standardized research pathways tailored to specific PV Local Literature Workflow for ICSR, Signal and Aggregate Safety Reporting. This customization ensures users can access the resources and data tailored to their workflow requirements.

Transforming Local Literature Workflow:

“Tracking local literature for online and paper journals is challenging due to manual effort, language barriers, and incomplete data,” says Raj Vaghela, CEO at PubHive. “Our Local Literature Automation breaks down these barriers, providing pharmacovigilance teams with a powerful tool to discover, analyse, and report on local literature with speed, accuracy, and confidence.”

Beyond Automation: Local Literature Auto Tracker goes beyond simply automating tasks. It offers a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing local literature across the research and compliance lifecycle of pharmacovigilance.

Benefits for Life Science Companies and CROs:

  • Significantly reduced time and effort spent on local literature research.
  • Improved accuracy and completeness of local data for informed decision-making.
  • Enhanced compliance with local and regional regulations.
  • Streamlined collaboration and workflow management for local literature teams.
  • Greater access to valuable insights from previously untapped local research sources.

PubHive’s commitment to innovation and efficiency has made it a trusted partner for Life Sciences Companies and CROs worldwide. With the launch of the Local Literature Auto Tracker, PubHive continues to set new industry standards, further solidifying its position as a leader in the scientific literature & safety information workflows.

With PubHive’s Local Literature Automation, organizations can optimize their local literature management processes, reduce manual workload, and ensure compliance with ease. For more information about PubHive’s Local Literature Automation and other cutting-edge solutions, please visit the PubHive website at