Publishers Applaud Congress for Introduction of Balanced TPA Legislation

    The Association of American Publishers (AAP) commends Chairman Hatch, Senator Wyden and Chairman Ryan for the introduction of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation. The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015 recognizes the importance of strong intellectual property protection for strengthening global economies through creativity and innovation. Publishers urge Congress to move quickly to enact this legislation.

    The principles set out in this bill provide “strong protections for…new methods of transmitting and distributing products embodying intellectual property, including in a manner that facilitates legitimate digital trade” and ensure that rightsholders have the means to “prevent the unauthorized use of their works” online. These provisions promote the best uses of technology to foster legitimate trade, especially for copyrighted works like books and journals, which help to bring nations together through sharing cultural and educational works.

    “Publishers are encouraged by the introduction of strong and balanced TPA language. The IP protections and flexibilities for technology strike the right balance for facilitating the passage of a Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement that elevates global standards for trade and helps make American companies more competitive in global markets. We hope that Congress will work together to quickly enact this legislation without amendment,” said Allan Adler, General Counsel & Vice President of Government Affairs at AAP.