Purdue University to Continue Partnership with Overleaf After Successful Pilot

Overleaf, an innovative provider of scientific writing and publishing tools, today announced that Purdue University will continue in a five year partnership after a successful year-long pilot.

During the pilot, premium Overleaf accounts and customized writing templates were provided to all students, faculty and staff. Purdue University Graduate School were looking for a way to overcome LaTeX intimidation and accessibility hurdles faced by their students. Their goals were to make the thesis writing process easier and more streamlined for students, reducing time spent on thesis reviews.

Since the pilot has been executed, 35% of all STEM students now use the Purdue-Overleaf thesis template. This adoption is already bringing real benefits: an estimated 980 meetings have been removed, and workload and review times have been significantly reduced. The Purdue Graduate School now recommends the use of Overleaf to all students.

Andy Hughes, Manager of Web and Multimedia Services, Electrical Engineering Department, Purdue University said:

“I looked at several different LaTeX authoring tools and Overleaf was by far the best. It was easy to use, very intuitive, with nothing to install – just open and write. And the ability to have our template loaded onto their site and ready for students to use made it a perfect fit.”

Mark Jaeger, Manager at the Thesis and Dissertation Office at Purdue, adds:

“We provide students with customized Overleaf thesis and dissertation templates – it provides a quick and easy way for students to write in the correct format which saves our department huge amounts of time.  Overleaf submissions come in beautifully formatted and ready to go!”

You can read a case-study with the details of the year-long pilot here. For more questions on this new Overleaf partnership and integration, please contact Mary Anne Baynes, CMO, Overleaf.