RCN Publishing adopts DataSalon’s MasterVision to drive new business development

RCN Publishing announced today that they have adopted DataSalon’s MasterVision service in order to gain a better understanding of their customer base and to further develop their business. MasterVision gives RCN Publishing a complete ‘single customer view’ of all their customers and contacts, incorporating subscribers, authors, members, alert and forum sign-ups, event attendees and advertisers. This ‘single customer view’ means that all of this valuable customer information is now very easy to interrogate, and accessible to a wide range of staff from different departments – so providing better workflows and greater efficiency.

Traditionally, RCN Publishing has been very much focused on nurses in the UK. Now, with the help of MasterVision, they plan to expand this focus, by gaining a better understanding of the institutions that nurses work with, and also by looking beyond the UK to gain a more global perspective.

Staff at RCN Publishing will use the new insights provided by MasterVision to increase revenues in several different ways. For example, the marketing team will use it to create highly targeted campaigns with selections that take into account a wide range of customer touch points, so driving subscriptions, article submissions and event attendance. MasterVision will also aid the development of new business, making use of the Ringgold database (which RCN have also incorporated into the system) to identify new international markets with significant numbers of potential institutional subscribers.

RCN management also believe that MasterVision will help to improve customer data quality across the organisation. The solution provides powerful tools for de-duplication, and for identifying the best and most up-to-date name, address, email and subject interests for each contact. Clean data together with an integrated customer view will support high-level management reporting to identify key customer trends over time, and so highlight the main opportunities and risks to be addressed in the future.

“RCN Publishing is delighted to be working with MasterVision”, commented Tony O’Rourke, Commercial Director. “We have licensed MasterVision to give us a better understanding of our universe – readers, authors, subscribers, users.  We expect MasterVision to provide new insights into opportunities with existing and potential subscribers and authors.”

“We’re very pleased to be working with RCN Publishing”, said Nick Andrews, Managing Director at DataSalon. “It’s great to be able to provide a single customer view so that they can now see the full extent of their customer relationships. This single view of RCN Publishing’s data, combined with MasterVision’s fast and friendly analysis tools, means that RCN Publishing can further strengthen their position both in the UK and in new markets internationally.”