RCNi launches new service for authors

RCNi, publisher of the weekly Nursing Standard and a suite of specialist nursing journals, has joined forces with web-based service Kudos to help authors increase the visibility and impact of their work.

Using Kudos, authors can help spread the word about their work among their peers, professional networks, the media, and those within and outside their specialist communities.

They can use the platform to explain their work in plain language and add extra content such as such as slide presentations, video, photos, and blogs, and generate trackable links for sharing via email, web and social networks.

These can then be directly mapped against views, downloads, altmetrics and citations, providing authors with a rich understanding of which channels and activities are most effective for broadening the reach and impact of their work.

Editorial director of RCNi Graham Scott said: ‘We are pleased to introduce this service, to help our authors raise the profile of their articles and publicise innovation and best practice in nursing, which ultimately will result in improved patient care.’

Sales and marketing director and co-founder of Kudos Charlie Rapple said: ‘Researchers and their institutions and publishers are increasingly interested in the wider attention their work receives, beyond traditional measures of impact, and the altmetrics movement has facilitated measurement of this.

‘Kudos provides the “missing link”, by mapping both emerging and established metrics back to researchers’, publishers’ and institutions’ outreach efforts – this makes it quick and easy to learn which types of communication, and which networks and media, are really helping to increase readership, discussion and application of research.’

RCNi joins more than 45 other publishers around the world who have also signed up to Kudos, which won the 2015 ALPSP Award for Innovation in Publishing.

For more information go to http://journals.rcni.com/page/authors/kudos or