Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy STM Research Platform Expands Authentication Options with Implementation of OpenAthens

Research Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in cloud-based solutions for scientific research, today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Reprints Desk, Inc., has joined Eduserv’s OpenAthens federation. The move expands the portfolio of secure authentication tools for Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy platform that provides a single point of on-demand access to full-text content across science, technology, medicine and other subjects.

OpenAthens offers a Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)-based framework for single sign-on access to scientific content that eliminates the many hassles associated with managing multiple login credentials, particularly as researchers move from one online resource to another.

Information consumers from OpenAthens’ global base of customers comprised of more than 2,000 organizations across corporate, academic, and government sectors can now authenticate into Article Galaxy with one point of entry via OpenAthens using unified access credentials.

An OpenAthens reseller since 2015, Reprints Desk has recently completed full implementation of the OpenAthens solution. With OpenAthens, Reprints Desk’s suite of authentication tools now includes (among others):

  • SAML 2.0 Federated SSO with OpenAthens
  • Secure Access with OKTA for SSO Customers
  • Username and Password
  • IP-based Authentication & Access
  • Access via Application Program Interface (API)

“Our focus at Reprints Desk has always been on removing the friction between knowledge and access,” explains Ian Palmer, Research Solutions’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “To that end, by providing our customers with a secure and efficient means for single sign-on, managed access has become even easier. Moreover, in expanding our partnership with Eduserv via membership in the OpenAthens federation, we join a growing network of trusted partners dedicated to simplifying authorized access to information both securely and in compliance with copyright licenses.”

“We’ve been working with Reprints Desk for many years now, and so we are particularly excited to add them to the OpenAthens federation,” said Jon Bentley, Commercial Director for OpenAthens. “Combining the Article Galaxy platform with OpenAthens’ industry-leading single sign-on technology will provide users with secure, straightforward, and attributable access to vital content across Reprints Desk’s served spaces.”

Corporations, academic institutions, and government organizations around the world rely on Article Galaxy for copyright-compliant access to full-text scientific, technical, and medical content when subscription access does not yet exist. As a cloud-based service, Article Galaxy provides one-stop shopping and lowest cost acquisition of full-text journal articles, ensuring copyright-compliant access when filtering requests against subscriptions and Open Access content.