Research Square Now Offering Author Services & Videos via New Platform

    Researchers who post a preprint to Research Square can now access AJE author services and Research Square videos to improve their manuscript and better communicate their findings. After the launch of the multidisciplinary platform in Fall 2018, Research Square has seen record uptake and now hosts more than 3,200 preprints, making it the world’s fastest growing preprint platform.

    Authors can choose from AJE English language editing, and manuscript, figure and table formatting services to improve their manuscript’s readability while they wait for community feedback. Research Square videos let authors promote their research to a wider audience by providing a synopsis in a 1-minute overview ‘video byte’ or a 2-3 minute animation known as a video abstract.

    The addition of author services that can improve and better position early stage research toward publication is an exciting step forward for preprints. 

    “For the first time on any preprint platform, authors can now purchase services that make their work more readable and more accessible to a wider audience. Our goal at Research Square is to offer a full range of services that support authors posting preprints and make preprints more useful for readers” says Damian Pattinson, VP of Content and Engagement at Research Square.   

    Since 2004, AJE has provided manuscript preparation services to help researchers successfully communicate their work. Having edited over 700,000 manuscripts, AJE exists as the world’s largest author services provider.

    Sarah Taylor, General Manager at AJE, comments on how providing AJE services on Research Square supports authors.   

    “AJE has a long history of helping authors improve their manuscripts before submitting to a journal. We’re excited to continue supporting authors who are opting to communicate their work faster through preprint platforms like Research Square.”

    Research Square will continue to add existing services to the platform such as editorial badges in integrity, reproducibility, and statistics. Badges will allow preprint authors to demonstrate the quality of their article to editors and reviewers and speed up the time it takes to peer review. 

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