Reviewer Credits and Science Open cooperate to make Peer Review visible

Reviewer Credits (RC), the global expert network that makes peer review visible and helps researchers get recognition for their work, is partnering with ScienceOpen (SO), the research, networking, and discovery platform. Together, both companies will highlight research articles in ScienceOpen’s database that have been reviewed by Reviewer Credit members. Moreover, the reviewer status from RC will be reflected in SO’s user profiles.

“Peer review as the central mechanism of quality control in scholarly publishing is of central value to academics,” says Dr. Stephanie Dawson, ScienceOpen’s CEO. “Recognizing researchers for their important contribution to a functioning publishing ecosystem is vital to keep it functioning.”

“Making peer review visible on as many articles as possible is the best way to remind researchers of its importance”, says Dr. Sven Fund, Reviewer Credit’s Managing Director. “In an environment where manipulated peer reviews are a growing concern, we want to make a positive contribution through labelling scientific self-control.”