Ripeta and STM collaborate to report data availability in published manuscripts

    Ripeta is pleased to announce a collaboration with the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM). Together, they will provide statistics about data availability across the research articles of several publishers. 

    This partnership will support STM’s 2020 Research Data Year and their efforts to boost the effective sharing of research data. Digital Science portfolio company, Ripeta, aims to make better science easier by identifying and highlighting the important parts of research that should be transparently presented in a manuscript and other materials.

    Utilizing Ripeta’s technology and tools, the collaboration will provide a range of publishers with an overview about the frequency with which their journals make data available along with their articles. 

    Ripeta CEO, Leslie McIntosh, said: “We are excited to work with STM and support their efforts to increase the sharing of research data. Data availability is a critical component of responsible reporting of research. If we want to increase the public’s trust in science, we need to make research as verifiable as possible. Working with STM, we are moving the needle toward those goals.” 

    “Ripeta’s technology allows us to quickly scan thousands of articles and determine the presence of a data availability statement. Over time, this information will support publishers to improve upon their practices, the practices of authors, and, ultimately, scientific reporting,” said Joris van Rossum, Research Director at STM.

    This collaboration will run throughout 2020 and will grow to include additional publishers as the year progresses.