RSC Publishing content is more discoverable

RSC Publishing is pleased to announce new agreements for our content to be indexed in Serials Solution Summon™, EBSCO Discovery Service™, ProQuest Illustrata™ and OCLC Worldcat, aligned with our key priorities for discoverability of content.

RSC Publishing is taking major steps in partnering with third party solutions to make our content more discoverable. We have seen significant growth in high quality content – over 150% in the last three years and an average increase of 26% for content usage in 2011.

To accommodate this growth,  we have made considerable technical advancements in the last few years including the newRSC Publishing Platform to help users search content, our award winning semantic technology and developments toChemSpider (our free chemical database). Working with these third parties on the discoverability of content, helps us maintain the level of standard that our customers and users expect in accessing this high impact scientific content.

Stephen Hawthorne says, “RSC is fully committed to meeting the needs of our customers.  By supporting these discovery solutions and integrating RSC content into their service of choice, we are ensuring researchers, faculty and students can effectively reach our world-class scientific content“.

We will be announcing more agreements in 2012, sign up to the RSC Publishing Innovation blog RSS feed to receive the latest developments.