SAGE Announces David Ross as Executive Publisher of Open Access

SAGE is pleased to announce that David Ross has been appointed as Executive Publisher of Open Access. In his new role, Ross will assume global responsibility for the strategic direction of OA in SAGE’s Journals program. He will oversee a team that will manage SAGE’s flagship Open Access journals: SAGE Open, SAGE Open Medicine, SAGE Open Engineering, and SAGE Open Medical Case Reports and develop systems, process and policies to support our OA publishing.

Ross has a rich history of experience with Open Access. He managed SAGE’s initial venture into OA publishing, a partnership with Hindawi, and was a founding board member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA), the now burgeoning global trade association established in 2008 to represent the interests of OA journal publishers. As SAGE’s official representative on a number of OA panels and projects, Ross represented SAGE as one of the publishing partners for the Study of Open Access Publishing (SOAP), a two-year projected launched in 2009 with the aim to disseminate broadly a description and analysis of models of open access publishing.

“SAGE is committed to the wide dissemination of scholarship to help inform and educate a global community of scholars, practitioners, researchers, and students across many disciplines. For some years, we have offered Open Access publishing options and we see this new position as a way to continue to support OA publishing,” stated Bob Howard, SAGE’s Vice President of Journals. “In his time at SAGE, David has exhibited a robust and profound understanding of how Open Access is evolving and impacting scholarship. We are excited to see growth of SAGE Open, SAGE Open Engineering, SAGE Open Medicine, and SAGE Open Medical Case Reports and we look forward to expanding our portfolio of OA journals under his leadership.”

“I am delighted to take on this role and to invest more of my time here at SAGE in our Open Access publishing program,” Ross stated. “With government policy on the public distribution of research rapidly changing worldwide, it is important that we have some consolidated oversight to develop our OA program and offer journals that comply with the various initiatives and continue to publish rigorously peer-reviewed, widely disseminated research that support the academic community.”