SAGE launches new open access journal Global Qualitative Nursing Research

SAGE is delighted to announce the launch of a new, international open access journal for the qualitative study of nursing, Global Qualitative Nursing Research (GQNR).

GQNR is a rigorously peer-reviewed open access journal that will publish qualitative research on topics important to nurses including nursing, care, health, and illness. Special sections of the journal will include ethics, methodological development, developing the theoretical base of nursing, establishing evidence, and application to practice.

Dr. Janice Morse, current Editor of SAGE’s Qualitative Health Research (QHR), will also serve as editor for GQNR.

“GQNR will fill a huge gap in the nursing literature,” said Dr. Morse. “By publishing qualitative research we will be adding the patients’ and nurses’ voices and theories about illness, care, and health; we will provide new perspectives to nursing education and community care, and we will be advancing the use of qualitative methods in clinical settings. SAGE is providing a real step forward for nursing with this open access journal.”

 “With an editor that is at the top of her field and a rigorous peer-review process, the launch of Global Qualitative Nursing Research will be a great addition to SAGE’s open access journals collection and to nursing research in general,” commented David Ross, Executive Publisher of Open Access, SAGE. “SAGE is delighted to further support the broad dissemination of quality, qualitative research with this new publication.”