SAGE Publishing announces Rosalia da Garcia as Deputy Managing Director and Head of Sales and Marketing, SAGE Asia Pacific

    SAGE Publishing, is pleased to announce that Rosalia da Garcia has been appointed  to the role of Deputy Managing Director and Head of Sales and Marketing, SAGE Asia Pacific. In her new role Rosalia will be responsible for the strategic direction of textbook and library sales, as well as development and marketing within the Asia Pacific region.

    Rosalia joined SAGE Asia Pacific shortly after the office opened in 2006, having previously worked for McGraw Hill, Pearson Education, Wiley and Elsevier. With a rich history of experience across customer service, acquisitions, books and journals/library sales, to marketing and foreign rights management, Rosalia has been a strategic part of SAGE Asia Pacific’s development; more recently overseeing the marketing development of SAGE’s online products within the region.

    Paul Evans, Managing Director, SAGE Asia Pacific, made the following remarks:

    “Following the setting-up of SAGE Asia Pacific nearly a decade ago, the markets in Asia and Australasia remain a key strategic opportunity for SAGE worldwide. In a digital age, as we continue to grow our business and develop new products that seek to adapt to the changing needs of the scholarly community, the Asia Pacific market is critical to our future success. We are proud of what the team in SAGE Asia Pacific have accomplished thus far and are confident that in this new role, Rosalia will be able to contribute to our continued expansion within the region.”

    Rosalia also commented:

    “I am hugely excited by the opportunities this new role offers. Having worked for SAGE for nearly a decade, and seen our development with the Asia Pacific region first-hand, I am excited by our ongoing opportunities for growth. As we look to develop our digital resources further and reach new markets within the region, I look forward to reaching out to this customer base directly in order to market our wealth of products and resources.”