Serials Solutions Helps Librarians Become More Efficient

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, today announced multiple new features and enhancements to its management solutions are now available. The new capabilities with 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter focus on the ability to populate data into the resource management system more easily; improved workflows and communications; and reporting enhancements to help optimize decision making. Implementation of these services will generate immediate benefits – and accelerate the migration to a new web-scale management solution, including Intota™, which is currently in development.

“The collection of these new features and functionality is a result of user feedback, our deep understanding of ongoing challenges in eResource Management, and our commitment to delivering best-in-class solutions to the market,” said Ashley Bass, senior product manager, Serials Solutions. “Data and effective management of data is paramount to a librarian’s success in managing workflows and making decisions. These new capabilities will positively impact their ability to work more efficiently, save time and control costs.”

Librarians understand the value of a centralized repository of data for workflow efficiencies, communications, reporting, analytics and decision management. However, populating the data into the system can be a challenge. The new Data Population Services breaks this barrier by leveraging the expertise of Serials Solutions professional support and training staff. The process enables librarians to begin quickly optimizing workflow and sharing information. With the new License Template Library, users can view and copy pre-populated license data for their resources, eliminating the need to manually find and enter the information on their own.

The ability to populate disparate types of data can be achieved through a variety of product features. These new features help libraries realize a return on investment of services from Serials Solutions – even faster. These services are standards-based (such as DLF-ERMI and COUNTER), ensuring the library can convert and organize its e-resource information into structured definitions. By using 360 Resource Manager and 360 Counter now, the library will garner benefits today, while preparing its e-resource data for the future. This means that the data can be easily migrated later into Intota, the new unified collection management system under development by Serials Solutions. The company is committed to advancing the capabilities of its management solutions to meet customer requirements today, and in the future.

To learn more about these enhancements and the new features in the portfolio of management solutions, register here to attend a webinar on June 13th.