Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Chinese-language Content with Hyweb Technology

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business, has signed an agreement with Hyweb Technology to enable the discovery of its Chinese journal content from the Summon® web-scale discovery service. The inclusion of metadata for Hyweb’s more than 900 journals represents 90% of Taiwanese journals published. Researchers will be able to discover a vast collection of Chinese-language materials alongside their library’s other resources to gather the most relevant information for their projects.

The agreement represents another step by Serials Solutions toward building the most comprehensive collection of Chinese-language materials discoverable in a single unified index. The Summon service offers advanced native language searching capabilities for 17 languages, and a new Chinese-language searching enhancement enables users to search Chinese titles and authors with Pinyin separated spaces at the character level, which aids in discovery of this content.

“Serials Solutions commitment to the Chinese-language market was a positive factor for us in choosing to develop a content agreement with them,” said Yang-Juh Lai, president, Hyweb Technology. “The global reach of customers using the Summon discovery service, with an interface that is available in 32 languages and dialects, ensures greater exposure of this material to researchers worldwide.”

“As libraries around the world adopt the Summon service, it is important that we continue to build and maintain a single index that delivers the most relevant coverage researchers expect when they begin their research,” said John Law, vice president discovery services, Serials Solutions. “The integration of Hyweb’s content makes Summon even more useful for researchers to quickly and easily discover authoritative Chinese-language materials.”