Serials Solutions Summon Service Expands Japanese-language Content with Japan Medical Abstracts Society

Serials Solutions®, a ProQuest® business and the Japan Medical Abstracts Society (JAMAS) have dramatically improved access to Japanese-language article abstracts in Ichushi-Web through the Summon® web-scale discovery service. The inclusion of metadata from the JAMAS abstracting and indexing database for more than 5,800 journals covering medicine, dentistry and pharmacy subjects will be available to mutual subscribers of each company’s service.

Researchers will be able to discover a vast collection of Japanese-language materials in physiology, biochemistry, clinical medicine, nursing and social medical fields – alongside their library’s other resources. The expansion of content in the Summon unified index is very valuable for medical libraries. Users benefit from an interface available in more than 32 languages and dialects, advanced native language searching capabilities and language-tuned relevancy for 17 languages.

“The breadth of medical topics in Ichushi-Web supports our mission of providing comprehensive coverage of Japanese-language materials,” said John Law, vice president discovery services, Serials Solutions. “Researchers searching for this authoritative Japanese-language content will value our advanced features which make the discovery experience easier, while delivering more relevant results.”