Serials Solutions to Index HBO Kennisbank in the Summon Service

Serials Solutions, a ProQuest business, is working with HBO Kennisbank to index the results of publicly funded research contained in the institutional repositories of Dutch universities in the Summon service. Metadata from the HBO Knowledge Base will be indexed allowing researchers to discover articles, research reports and theses produced by lecturers, teachers and students within the universities alongside their library’s other resources to gather the most relevant information for their projects.

A store of knowledge, the HBO Knowledge Base offers public access to the results of research done by Dutch Universities of Applied Science. The HBO Knowledge Base is part of the HBO Knowledge Infrastructure (HKI) and stimulates the exchange of knowledge between research, education, business and society. The participating universities of applied science work together in the HKI to maximise the visibility and use of research output.

With one of the participating universities, Fontys University of Applied Sciences institutional repository already indexed in the Summon service, Serials Solutions is responding to clients in the region requesting content from the other institutions to be indexed. Making material of the colleges visible and available for sharing and reuse, the HBO Knowledge is an important gateway to the results of research of colleges.

Serials Solutions continues to fulfill its commitment to make the most comprehensive discovery service for researchers around the world with the addition of the HBO Knowledge Base to the Summon service.  With an interface available in 32 languages and dialects, the Summon service makes global content discoverable by scholars worldwide. It applies native-language searching capabilities and language-tuned relevance ranking for 17 languages.

The Summon service is the first and only discovery service based on a single, unified index of content and contains more than 1.4 billion items in which the vast majority of article and book content is full-text searchable.  Used by more than 700 libraries in more than 40 countries, the Summon® discovery service is proven to increase usage of library resources across a library’s collection without bias to format, vendor, or platform. With the introduction of Summon® 2.0 – groundbreaking features and a new, modern interface – the Summon service continues to deliver on its mission to return researchers to the library by providing a user experience that resonates with users familiar with open web search engines. Streamlined navigation and contextual guidance features significantly advance the research experience and provide greater opportunities for librarians to deliver value and scale their services to connect with more users.