Springer launches new platform for the corporate sector: Springer for R&D

Springer Science Business Media has launched a new corporate platform, Springer for R & D, which provides access to over 5.6 million research documents, all optimized for specific corporate markets.Springer for R & D aims to become the primary resource destination for all new corporate and medical customers. All articles in Springer for R & D are taken from Springer’s online platform SpringerLink, which will remain in its existing form serving the academic community.

Springer for R & D represents a big step forward in the continued growth and development of tailor-made products for our corporate customers,” said Peter Coebergh, President Corporate & Healthcare Markets at Springer Science+Business Media. “With the vast amount of scientific and professional information Springer has to offer, it was a logical step to optimize those materials for our customers’ needs. The new platform will allow us to offer new business models that are more in alignment with corporate customers’ business goals.”

Featuring new content navigation by industry sectors, Springer for R & D provides instant access to pertinent materials to groups of customers in industry sectors from Automotive to Oil, Gas & Geosciences and from IT to Biotechnology*. The platform utilizes agile software development methodologies, enabling Springer to quickly develop and deploy new features. This same methodology allows Springer to optimally offer content to both the niche research organization and the large multinational company alike.