SSP events to discuss the future of and new directions in scholarly publishing

September is shaping up to be quite a busy month for the future of scholarly publishing. Should we focus on addressing the growing suspicion of science, shrinking funding for universities, critiques of the value of peer review, or the industry’s trend toward market consolidation? Or something else? SSP has several opportunities for discussing these issues and more with your peers this month. Read on for details!

Our next webinar, “The Future of Scholarly Publishing: Three Trends to Be Ready For,” takes place September 15 at 11:00 am ET. Moderated by Shirley Decker-Lucke (Content Director, SSRN, Elsevier
), speakers Ann Gabriel (SVP Global Strategic Networks, Elsevier), Elizabeth Scarpelli (Director, University of Cincinnati Press & CLIPS), and Patrick Shafe (Commercial Director, Deanta) will tell us what they see as the top three challenges facing scholarly publishing and how we can prepare.

From September 21 through 22, SSP’s 2022 New Directions in Scholarly Publishing Seminar, “Creating the New Possible: Shaping the Future from Lessons Learned,” gathers experts in the field to review the latest developments and innovations in our industry and discuss how we can collectively take the best of what we’ve learned over the past few years into the future. Featured presentations will highlight the advancement of new ideas, technologies, and collaborations that are currently shaping the future of academic publishing, including new directions in open access; new agreements and collaborations that could change the course of research and research funding; ethics in peer review; new technologies in scholarly publishing and the importance of adapting to a data-driven future; and much more. See the complete program for speakers and session descriptions.

Don’t miss out on any conversations by registering for both events and save! For a limited time, use promo code SEPT22NDWEB to save 20% off of webinar registration when you register for New Directions*.

Those local to the DC area can join SSP and NISO for a social hour to benefit the Generations Fund that kicks off our New Directions seminar and celebrates NISO’s first-ever NISO Plus Forum on September 20. Hosted by the American Geophysical Union on its rooftop space with breathtaking views of Washington, DC, this event will bring together SSP New Directions attendees, NISO Plus Forum attendees, and scholarly publishing professionals in the DC region for some much-needed time to reconnect.

SSP members are also encouraged to share their thoughts on recent developments in our Member Exchange, a members-only forum for connecting, communicating, and collaborating or posting in our LinkedIn Professionals Group to broaden the conversation. However you choose to participate, we’ll see you there!