Susan Pastore Joins Silverchair as Director of Business Development

Silverchair, the leading independent platform provider for scholarly and professional publishers, announced today the appointment of Susan Pastore as Director, Business Development. This newly created role was added to address the increasing market demand for Silverchair’s services.

Susan brings more than 25 years of diverse, international sales management experience in the publishing, library technology, and information services industries. As a sales executive with such companies as Ex Libris, the American Chemical Society, and Digital Science, Susan acquired a broad base of knowledge that she brings to her new role at Silverchair as the company grows into expanding market opportunities.

“Susan’s deep knowledge of the scholarly publishing domain from multiple perspectives—having served in senior business development roles in technology, publishing, and non-profits—will help Silverchair serve our stakeholders more effectively than ever,” said Thane Kerner, Silverchair CEO. “The rapidly shifting landscape among core technology providers is precipitating a broad reassessment of both conflicts-of-interest and organizational stability, and Silverchair is ideally positioned as a home for independent-minded, creative, dynamic publishers. Susan will be a great ambassador for our values and capabilities in this community.”

“The scholarly publishing industry is currently in the midst of a fascinating evolution of technology, practice, and culture,” said Susan Pastore. “Silverchair—and its platform technology and services—is in the middle of that change, ideally positioned with both a long-term responsive product plan and an organization geared to nimble response.

“My extensive background in information technology and my experience with the publishing community and non-profit organizations will allow me to work with the Silverchair community effectively and immediately. I am excited to be working with Silverchair at this pivotal time in the scholarly communications arena and look forward to engaging with the stakeholders and broader community in the next few months.”