Swets acquires Accucoms

    Swets announced earlier today that it has completed the purchase of Accucoms, a leading provider of sales and marketing services to academic and professional publishers around the world. The acquisition pays testament to
    Swets’ strategic drive to create services that provide added value to libraries and publishers. Swets has acquired all shares from the previous shareholders. Accucoms will remain an independent entity under Swets’ umbrella.

    As budgets grow stagnant and funding is reduced across many of the research institutions in the world’s more mature markets, publishers are looking for growth opportunities elsewhere, but often have limited resources to
    truly penetrate these other markets and segments. Swets believes that a dedicated entity for publishers creates the kind of focus that can make the difference in specified markets and segments. Accucoms, under the leadership
    of Pinar Erzin, has built such an organization. Swets, and the publishing community at large, has recognized Accucoms as an innovative and leading sales and marketing channel.
    “The healthy reputation Accucoms has established as a trusted partner for publishers, helped to solidify our  decision to acquire the business,” said David Main, CEO of Swets. “Bringing Accucoms under the wing of Swets
    will enable us to broaden the scope of our services to publishers dramatically, as well as empowering and building  upon the rewarding work that Accucoms is renowned for.”
    “Mixing the entrepreneurial spirit of Accucoms with the global infrastructure and breadth of relations that Swets  has, promises to create a powerful combination,” said Pinar Erzin, Managing Director of Accucoms. “By focusing on
    publishers’ objectives, and drawing on the knowledge and wealth of experience in both companies, we are confident in our ability to grow and expand the business going forward.”

    Pinar Erzin will continue to manage Accucoms and Egon Menardi will drive its commercial expansion as Sales Director.