Talking about AI at ConTech 2019

AI and Data Science are changing the content landscape beyond recognition, at this year’s ConTech we discuss the breadth of opportunity we will demonstrate how to adopt AI and cite real life examples of where these technologies are making a difference.

Andrea Filetti, Measurement and Reputation Manager at ENI will present “Data Science and corporate communication: AI – driven media strategy”. Andrea will talk through a real case that will show how corporate communication strategies are supported and enabled by data science by: – Measuring the effectiveness of communication – Guiding the production of specific and non-self-referential content through external listening and analysis – Applying machine learning and deep learning to a content strategy to discover relevant topics – Monitoring the interest and popularity of specific topics, identifying the most active communities – Predicting future trends

“Describing an AI driven content strategy is at the heart of the ConTech vision and we are very excited to have this case study in the conference. Our delegates will learn how a complete communication strategy is integrated and improved by data science, how ML techniques are used to tailor a content strategy and managing data sources to predict future trends. It is perfect for us to engage an audience primarily concerned with content and technology with non – classic applications for data science from one of the largest energy companies in the world. This is ultimately how the sharing, learning and networking at ConTech is unique and offers very special insights to our community” said Clive Snell, MD ConTech.Live