Taylor & Francis rolls out CrossMark and FundRef across Taylor & Francis Online

Taylor & Francis continues to support CrossRef transparency initiatives

After extensive trialling, Taylor & Francis has rolled out CrossMark, a verifying tool from CrossRef, across Taylor & Francis Online. CrossMark lets you know that what you’re reading is the most recent and reliable version of an article. And if it’s not, there will be a link to the most current version that you can follow to read.

Since April 2014, the functionality of CrossMark has been trialled in a range of real-life situations on selected titles. Happily, the trial has been a success and following the latest major site release, CrossMark is now on all journal content published from January 1st, 2014.

The CrossMark is present on the abstract and full-text HTML pages, as well as on hosted PDFs. Simply click on the CrossMark icon to find out if what you’re reading is the most current version of record. You’ll also be able to see whether there are updates pending. If updates have been made, you’ll be able to click through on the CrossMark to read the most current version of record.

CrossMark also includes FundRef, another CrossRef initiative to standardize funding information. You’ll be able to see if research has been funded and if it has by whom. FundRef aims to standardize how funder and funding details are captured and recorded. Funder names and identities will be consistent to remove any ambiguity. All articles on Taylor & Francis Online with associated funding information will be recorded clearly and consistently and displayed on the CrossMark.

Trust what you’re reading with CrossMark on Taylor & Francis Online.