The American Diabetes Association partners with Kudos to accelerate the positive impact of diabetes research in the world

Kudos, the award-winning service for accelerating research impact through strategic communications management, is delighted to announce a new three-year partnership with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) – a global leader in the provision of emerging diabetes knowledge. 

Through this partnership, Kudos will provide ADA’s authors with a platform to engage broad audiences with their publications, helping improve and accelerate understanding of frontline diabetes research. The Kudos service will be integrated into ADA’s author workflow, making it as simple as possible for authors to explain and share their latest articles, and providing the ADA with a comprehensive overview of article usage, altmetric, and author behavioural data – all together in a single dashboard. 

“At ADA, we pride ourselves on providing the very best service and support to our community,” said Christian Kohler, Associate Publisher at the ADA. “Kudos is a natural extension to this. We’re particularly excited by the potential to help our authors reach audiences outside of academia. There is huge job to be done to get critical new research findings into the hands of policy makers, patients, and the public. Kudos is now part of our toolkit for working towards this goal, and progressing our mission to prevent and cure diabetes.”

“Kudos was founded to help connect people with research,” said Melinda Kenneway, CEO of Kudos. “Diabetes is a topic of huge public interest and one where small improvements in awareness and understanding of the latest research has the potential in aggregate to be of significant benefit. We’re delighted to enter this new partnership and to be strengthening our collaborations with some of the most prestigious societies in North America.”