The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP) Partners with Silverchair for Unified Digital Library

Silverchair announced today a new partnership with The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), the world’s leading organization dedicated to the protection of assets and performance materials. The new unified digital library on the Silverchair Platform will serve as a repository for AMPP’s vast range of content, including primary research, industry standards, technical and professional publications, and educational materials. It will also provide a platform for AMPP to expand its reach, offering its valuable resources to a wider global audience.

AMPP protects infrastructure and assets worldwide through member and workforce education and credentialing, company accreditation, technological innovation, and global standardization. As part of a content unification initiative, AMPP sought to create a digital library that brings together their wide array of content, including standards, their flagship journal Corrosion, Materials Performance Magazine, Coatings Pro Magazine, 30 books, and more than 22,000 conference papers. The digital library will leverage Silverchair’s scalable, responsive technology to provide access to a wealth of materials for AMPP’s growing audience of scholars and professionals.

“Our partnership with AMPP symbolizes the alignment of our missions to disseminate valuable knowledge and resources on a global scale,” said Will Schweitzer, Silverchair’s CEO. “The AMPP team has ambitious plans for the important resources they publish, and we’re delighted to partner with them in delivering a unified platform and providing their team with the tools and services to assemble varied content sets into the next generation of knowledge products for their audience.”

“We are beyond delighted to partner with Silverchair, creating the way for us to bring much of our content under one umbrella,” said Mandy May, Director, Content Management at AMPP. “This is particularly significant in that we are aggregating legacy knowledge resource content from our historical organizations, providing a tangible way to demonstrate our AMPP mission and vision. It will be a truly user-friendly experience, making our library accessible and the content discoverable for our entire global audience.”