The Royal Society of Chemistry to preserve e-books with Portico

We are pleased to announce that the Royal Society of Chemistry, already an e-journals participant, will begin preserving its e-books with Portico as well, ensuring that this content will be available into the future. The Royal Society of Chemistry is based in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

“We work hard to make sure the highest quality chemical sciences content is as widely accessible as possible and ensuring that all of our publishing content is preserved in the long-term is an important part of this,” said Roheena Anand, books publisher at the Royal Society of Chemistry. “Adding all of our e-book content, totaling over 1,200 e-books, to Portico, is another major step in our archiving program. This way our customers can be confident that they are guaranteed long-term access to the Royal Society of Chemistry content they have purchased.”

The Royal Society of Chemistry is one of the world’s leading scientific publishers, offering a hugely diverse portfolio that covers the depth and breadth of the chemical sciences in high-impact journals and publications.