Thieme launches “SynOpen” – the new open access journal for chemists

SynOpen, the Thieme Publishing Group’s latest addition to its range of open access journals, reports on current research results in the field of chemical synthesis. The new English-language journal gives interested authors in chemistry the option to publish their articles in open access format. Manuscripts can be submitted as of now.

The new open access publication SynOpen rounds off Thieme’s range of journals for synthetic chemists. “The launch of SynOpen gives chemical researchers the possibility to choose between publishing in an open access or a traditional subscription journal,” says Dr. Susanne Haak, Managing Editor at Thieme Chemistry. “This option is of increasing importance for our authors, as the requirements of financial backers and funding bodies are becoming more and more complex in this regard,” adds Haak.

As of now, authors can submit Full Papers, Letters or Practical Synthetic Procedures (PSPs) in the field of chemical synthesis for publication in SynOpen. The journal covers all areas relating to organic synthesis, including catalysis, organometallics, medicinal, biological, and photochemistry as well as related disciplines such as materials science. Researchers are also invited to publish the primary data of their experiments. All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by experts to ensure the same high level of quality that readers have come to expect from the Thieme subscription journals Synthesis, Synlett, and Synfacts. The publishers were able to bring experienced editor Professor Laurence M. Harwood on board for the new journal, whose work at the University of Reading, UK, includes the development of new synthetic methods and their application to the synthesis of natural and unnatural products. For some years he has also been working in the field of nuclear chemistry.

Authors interested in publishing articles in SynOpen can find all the information they need at: The Thieme Publishing Group’s product range in the field of chemical synthesis also includes the English-language journals Synthesis, Synlett and Synfacts. Each journal has its own board of internationally renowned editors to ensure that chemists have access to the latest high-quality research results in their areas of specialization.

The Thieme Publishing Group is constantly expanding its portfolio of open access publications. Authors can presently choose from among 21 different open access journals ( All articles published in these journals are freely available to read at