Thieme Publishers open new offices in Rio de Janeiro

    Thieme has expanded its global activities by opening offices on yet another continent: South America. Thieme Publicações LTDA, headquartered in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, have just published the first Portuguese-language clinical book “Endonasal: Atlas de anatomica cirúrgica”.

    Unlike Thieme Publishers Delhi, who since 2008 focus mainly on the local education and training sector, Thieme Publishers’ activities in Brazil will target the clinical market. Thieme Publishers Rio is set to become the leading surgical knowledge provider in Portuguese. “Brazilian research institutions generate numerous scientific insights and articles that need to be published. So far,the institutions have handled the publications themselves”, says Dr. Daniel Schiff, Senior Vice President Thieme Publishers about the background of the new activities. “Our preliminary talks with the surgical departments of Universidade de São Paulo, the leading teaching and research center in Latin America, have been very successful and have led to publishing contracts. We also established good connections with local medical associations.”

    Brazil also offers various other advantages: the country has a stable and functioning democracy, a large and independent market with an open environment for international investors, and a medical publishing sector that is just beginning to consolidate. “When we took a closer look at the Latin American market, we realized that Brazil – despite it being a Portuguese – and not Spanish-speaking country – seems to be the point of convergence of this highly diverse continent”, Dr. Daniel Schiff explains.

    “Following the success of our Indian subsidiary, we want to continue driving our international expansion,” confirms Brian D. Scanlan, President Thieme Publishers. More than 40 employees currently work at Thieme Publishers Delhi, founded in 2008. In 2012 the Indian subsidiary launched its local Indian publishing program. “We believe that Thieme Publishers Rio will show a similar development,” Scanlan states.