Thomson Reuters Enhances Discoverability of Scholarly Research with Expanded Book Citation Index

    The IP & Science business of Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading provider of intelligent information for businesses and professionals, today announced the expansion of the  Book Citation IndexSM through partnerships with top publishers such as Elsevier, Johns Hopkins University Press and the University of Chicago Press. These publishers, among others, will greatly enhance available content in the Index by adding 10,000 books in 2013, increasing the total to nearly 50,000 books from a variety of commercial, non-profit and university presses worldwide.

    The Book Citation Index, available on the world’s premier resource for integrated, multidisciplinary citation research, Thomson Reuters Web of KnowledgeSM, connects a library’s most impactful books in its collection to powerful new discovery tools, enabling researchers to quickly and easily identify and access the most relevant books in their field. The Index helps users seamlessly search across books, journals and conference proceedings, to discover potential collaborators and glean useful information.

    This significant expansion provides greater visibility to authors making meaningful contributions to their fields and enables scholars to navigate from a new starting point. Researchers will now have a richer, expanded view of research within the sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities. Over the course of 2013, users will gain access to nearly 50,000 books and 1 million chapters linked to related journal articles and proceedings indexed within the Web of Knowledge.

    Elsevier, Johns Hopkins University Press, University of Chicago Press, Brill, University of Illinois Press, McGill Queens University Press and the International Monetary Fund will join more than 100 publishers that currently provide content for the Book Citation Index.

    Following are statements from some of the industry-leading publishers connected through the Book Citation Index:

    ·        “Inclusion in the Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index has helped put the unique content of Cambridge University Press further into the international perspective,” said Hannah Perrett, digital director, Academic Group at Cambridge University Press. “It is also an invaluable resource toward providing greater focus to the institutions represented by our team of skilled and knowledgeable authors and researchers.”

    ·        ‘“Scholarly books are an essential, vibrant part of the academic publishing landscape for humanities and social sciences, and we are proud to have worked with Thomson Reuters to include all our eligible titles from the launch of the Book Citation Index,’” said Alison Jones, digital publishing director, Palgrave Macmillan.  “We are committed to continuing and extending this partnership to ensure up-to-date, accurate information for scholars worldwide as the Index expands.”

    ·         “We’re happy to partner with Thomson Reuters on expanding this valuable resource to include Wiley Online Library’s online books,” said Antonia Seymour, vice president and director of Scientific, Technical, Medical and Scholarly Books at John Wiley & Sons. “The Book Citation Index will be instrumental in extending the works of our authors on a global scale. The body of academic literature is wide and growing, and it’s a great benefit to users to have a platform that streamlines the availability of Wiley’s high-quality book content.”

    “We have been actively working to expand our content, based largely on feedback from our partners and clients, so we can provide researchers with the best resources for their research,” said Gordon Macomber, managing director of Scientific and Scholarly Research at Thomson Reuters. “The world of scholarly and scientific research is vast and varied. Researchers need a reliable tool that enables them to measure the contributions of books in their disciplines and identify collaborative opportunities as efficiently as possible. The addition of these top publishers will enhance those capabilities even further.”

    Thomson Reuters Book Citation Index comprises scholarly books, both electronic and print, that present fully referenced articles of original research or reviews of the literature, and has been carefully selected based on well-defined criteria to offer the most significant literature in numerous languages.  Learn more information about the Book Citation Index.