Understanding key concepts in the UKRI open access policy

Jisc is supporting higher education with the transition to open access through the negotiation of a range of transitional (transformative) and open access agreements which enable UK research output to be published open access in accordance with UK funder policies, such as UKRI.

Jisc has created a series of downloadable resources to support publishers in understanding the steps they need to take to offer compliant publication options to UKRI funded authors. We wanted to synthesise the basic information needed to understand the different routes to compliance and outline high-level overviews of the process, with the aim of making it all seem less intimidating for the smaller/less well-resourced publishers. The main message we wanted to share was that there are multiple routes to policy compliance which publishers can adopt based on their circumstances. 

Each guide gives an overview of a concept, product or platform, the process involved, the benefits for publishers and institutions, and links to examples, extra resources and further support, and are available to download from the Jisc website.