Understanding the current state of play in Open Education in Europe

A new SPARC Europe report focuses on the state of Open Education (OE) and Open Educational Resources (OER) across European higher education institutions in 2023. 

Supported by the European Network of Open Education Librarians (ENOEL), this report draws on a survey conducted between November 2023 and January 2024. SPARC Europe follows the uptake of OE and OER in European Higher Education closely: this is the fourth time that we have conducted such a survey.

This report examines the roles, challenges, and benefits associated with OE and OER. The findings highlight that libraries play a central role, despite facing challenges related to resource constraints and resistance in their institutions. 

Collaboration emerges as a crucial driver for OE and OER adoption. Collaboration takes the form of national and international networks and projects, as well as interdepartmental initiatives within institutions. Educators like Kamau Bobb of Google embrace diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

Noting how OE and OER adoption has progressed, this report stresses the importance of dedicated resources and community engagement for further advancement. 

With this report, we encourage institutions to promote awareness and visibility of OE and OER among leadership and staff to overcome cultural challenges and resistance. We recommend discussion between institutions at different stages of development and between different networks promoting OE. There remains much space for innovation and experimentation in incentives, recognition and rewards, adapting and building on practices already in place.

Download the report here.