Wiley and The Cochrane Collaboration Launch Cochrane Learning

    The Cochrane Collaboration and John Wiley & Sons, Inc., (NYSE:JWa, JWb), the publisher of The Cochrane Library and Wiley Health Learning activities, today announced that they have extended their partnership by launching a new health professional development resource called Cochrane Learning.

    “Cochrane Learning forms a new and important part of our ambition to move evidence from The Cochrane Library more directly to those who can use it in their healthcare decision making; and we are delighted to be supporting health practitioners to translate Cochrane evidence into their clinical practice,” said Mark Wilson, CEO of The Cochrane Collaboration. “We recognize the challenge of making the vast amounts of evidence generated through research more useful for informing decisions about health, and we are now committed to producing new products and tools that will help clinicians and other healthcare professionals to use more easily and effectively the high-quality, relevant and up-to-date synthesized research evidence contained in Cochrane systematic reviews.”

    Under the Cochrane Learning umbrella, The Cochrane Collaboration and Wiley will deliver a suite of online, evidence-based resources designed to close the knowledge translation gap, to support health professionals as part of their continuing professional development and to improve patient care. All activities will be designed to meet the rigorous accreditation standards of the ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) and will be based upon the high-quality evidence from The Cochrane Collaboration.

    “Connecting research and practice to enable healthcare professionals to make the best possible decisions is fundamental and we’re delighted our partnership with the Cochrane Collaboration now includes Cochrane Learning. We bring a wealth of experience of knowledge delivery, education and accreditation, and are excited to apply this to further the dissemination of Cochrane findings, in new formats, to the people that need them” said Steven Miron, Senior Vice President, Global Research, Wiley.

    Activities from Cochrane Learning’s pilot program, Dr Cochrane, produced in collaboration with the Canadian Cochrane Centre, are now available from www.cochranelearning.com, and mark the beginning of this partnership. Dr Cochrane activities will continue to be published throughout this year and other educational resources will launch throughout 2014.