Wiley announced a new partnership with CiteAb

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with CiteAb, a search engine that helps scientists identify the best scientific product to use in their research.

Originally developed as a small-scale solution to the problems faced in his research lab at the University of Bath, Dr. Andrew Chalmers’ idea for a database of scientific products and corresponding citations of those products in the literature has grown into an independent company that provides a robust search engine of reagents. CiteAb combs research data to identify research citations, supplier details, and experimental information for nearly 6 million different antibodies, as well as biochemicals, proteins, kits, and experimental models.

Until now, CiteAb has relied on Open Access content to source its data. Its relationship with Wiley, along with a recent, similar agreement with Springer, will enable CiteAb to expand the proportion of published literature covered by its search engine and data products.

“A publisher like Wiley has an amazing back catalog, along with constant new publications that have really interesting papers, using interesting products. Our partnership means we can access those paywalled publications to text mine them,” says Chalmers. “The more complete our data set can be for citations, the better picture we can paint for researchers, and the more cases where we’ll have the citation.”

CiteAb leverages AI-driven text mining technology, as well as a layer of human review, to ensure data in their search engine is as accurate as possible. Their search platform is freely available for researchers to use to help them identify the right reagent for their experiment. Reagents are ranked based on their number of citations in the literature, with filters available for application, species, and other criteria.

“Our partnership with CiteAb is an innovative application that shows the power of research content,” says Dale Morgan, Associate Director of Digital Licensing, Wiley. “We are excited about the opportunity to help researchers drive better outcomes in their lab experiments, which in turn generates more rigorous scientific insight and aids reproducibility.”

Are you a researcher interested in learning more? Visit CiteAb to test its search functionality for your project.

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